SHV to Host Virtual Trivia Night on October 17

Posted on September 05, 2020 in: General News

SHV to Host Virtual Trivia Night on October 17

What is a Virtual Trivia Night?

On Saturday, October 17, 2020 Sacred Heart Villa will have our first ever Virtual Trivia Night. A virtual trivia night is a cross between a regular trivia night with questions announced and you figure out the answers, and a mini-silent auction bidding with OneCause like you have done at our annual auction. The twist on this is the virtual component. We hired a production company that will have an entertaining DJ hosting and asking the questions. You will view this through Zoom on your computer, laptop or Smart TV. Your team will have a chance to virtually go into a Zoom breakout room where you will have time to discuss your answer choice. There will be a clock ticking down the time for this chatting. Once you have decided on the answer, a designated team captain will submit the answer through a website account that will be given to you beforehand. Your captain will need to use a separate device to enter the answers. You will be awarded points based on if the answer is correct and extra points for the team who answers the fastest. Sorry, there are no Mulligans in Virtual Trivia. However, every question will be multiple choice, so you have a 1 out of 4 chance of getting the right answer.

During the night you will also be able to connect to OneCause to bid on silent auction items, purchase some fixed priced items, and raffles.

What about the typical beer and snacks? We will give each team beer and some snacks. We will organize a pick-up of these items the two afternoons prior to the Trivia Night. More details for this pickup will be sent out later.

Let us map out what you will do to sign up and be ready for this unique and lively event step by step:

1. Decide if you want to physically gather with relatives and friends or stay in your own home. It does not matter which you choose to do. You can still play as a team through the Zoom breakout rooms. You can have 2 – 10 people at a “table”. You can even invite relatives and friends from out of town to join!

2. Decide on a team name and who is the captain. Only one person per group will be able to submit the answers to the hosting website. Be sure to pick someone who is quick on texting/typing!

3. Purchase a “seat” at the “table” like you did at the auction in the past through OneCause. We will have the link sent out this week and posted on our school website for purchasing the “virtual” table.

4. The week of October 12th you will receive an email from Utopia Entertainment with the invite to the Virtual Trivia via Zoom.

5. Team captains will get instructions on connecting to the website that is the platform for submitting answers. They will receive a pin that evening to link into our event. (Really, it is easy to do! Online answer platforms are used by students from elementary school to college. You can, too!)

Spread the news about this first of a kind virtual event at SHV! Anyone can join in the fun! Prizes will be awarded, too. The money raised will go toward continued capital expenses of our building and the extra expenses due to COVID-19. We hope you join us!

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