Planning Begins for Playground and Outdoor Classroom Renovations

Posted on March 27, 2021 in: General News

Planning Begins for Playground and Outdoor Classroom Renovations

Renovation Plans for the Playground & Outdoor Classroom 

We are so happy to announce that our Fund-A-Need from the Heart of Hearts Auction exceeded our $25,000 goal. More donations have come in since the auction so now we have reached over $30,000. We are very grateful to all who have contributed to this project.   

In the past two weeks since the auction, we continued investigating playground equipment from three companies.  Kris, Sr. Alice, and Sr. Bridget have met with three representatives from each company.  The companies presented plans for equipment that would be age appropriate yet challenging for our students. Kris shared these plans with a committee of teachers: Ms. Ashley, Ms. Stacey, Ms. Ellen, Sr. Christine & Sr. Bridget. This committee has narrowed down and selected the equipment they think will best satisfy our children’s interest and needs while also being affordable. It has been especially helpful to have the input of teachers who are moms/aunts and have visited many playgrounds with youngsters.  It is one thing to see a picture of equipment that looks attractive and another thing to have someone share how they have observed children on such equipment. Their observations have led us to work with one company that will allow us to switch out different parts to climb up onto platforms so we can create a unique playground well suited for our children.  

We learned of a grant from Waste Management that would pay for a poured-in-place rubber surfacing under the equipment.  If we contract with a company for a rubber pour-in- place product that consists of at least 40% of pellets made from recycled rubber tires, we could qualify. Kris is collecting bids from companies recommended by Waste Management that follow these guidelines. This grant would allow us to place up to $40,000 worth of the poured rubber surfacing in any needed place on the playground. Obviously, the equipment must be installed first. However, all surfacing would all have to be installed at the same time. We could not place a request for another grant for three years. That got Ms. Kris and Sr. Bridget thinking and dreaming. Why stop at renovating one section of climbers if we can get the rubber poured in place surfacing for free in more places?   

With this prospect in mind of free surfacing, Sr. Bridget and Kris are seeking more financial assistance. Sr. Bridget is reaching out to foundations that give grants to Catholic educational institutions. So far, one local foundation has offered to look at our proposal. Ms. Kris is contacting benefactors who have given to The Villa in the past as well as prospective new donors.   

Please join us in prayer that these grants will be awarded Sacred Heart Villa and we can complete more sections of our playground and outdoor classroom space sooner than later. 



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