Spring Planting Begins at Sacred Heart Villa

Posted on April 11, 2021 in: General News

Spring Planting Begins at Sacred Heart Villa

From Seed to Table (Eventually) 

There are containers of soil with seedlings on windowsills all over Sacred Heart Villa these days.  Under Sr. Matthew Maria’s guidance, the teachers and students have planted a variety of vegetable and fruit seeds: peas, green beans, peppers, eggplants, zucchini, cucumbers, lettuce, tomatoes parsley, and watermelon.  These seedlings will soon be planted outdoors in the Villa’s front yard garden and in containers in the back outdoor classroom.  We are creating a container garden space for our two-year-old classes who want to grow carrots. The children are so excited about growing their own fruits and vegetables which they will enjoy eating later in the spring and summer. 

Our PreK 3 class reached out to one of the student’s grandmother who authored First Peas to the Table. Susan Grigsby had given a copy of her book to Ms. Ellen’s class in the fall. Ms. Ellen invited Susan to meet with the class via Zoom to guide them in growing peas.  During a recent Zoom meeting, the class was excited to learn that their plants were nearly ready to be planted outdoors.   

We also have started Marigolds, Zinnias and Morning Glories.  The Marigolds will be planted along the front garden beds to keep the bugs and critters away. Zinnias will be placed in several containers on the property. The Nursery 2 class will plant the Morning Glories in containers which will be placed under wooden structures along a sensory path where they can climb.  

Sr. Matthew Maria has connected to several people for some support.  A month ago, we reached out to the Otto family whose son is in PreK3.  Their family, who owns Ace Hardware stores in the St. Louis area, donated potting soil and packs of seeds. The Abate family from The Hill and their extended family came last Friday evening to turn over soil to prepare some of the front garden beds. She also reached out to the brother of one of our Apostle Sisters who has donated plants for our gardens the past few years. John Pozzo is always eager to share his garden tips. If anyone is interested in offering a hand or your expertise in gardening, Sr. Matthew Maria and the teachers would be most appreciative.  

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