Fall Celebrations at The Villa

Posted on October 29, 2021 in: General News

Fall Celebrations at The Villa

     In the classrooms of Sacred Heart Villa you can hear the sounds of children excited about special fall celebrations: Halloween, All Saints Day, and All Souls Day from a multicultural perspective - Día de los Muertos.  There is so much for the child to celebrate in just a few days! All last week you could find classes singing familiar Halloween songs like Five Little Pumpkins. Teachers were helping students create some cute Halloween decorations with many smiling jack-o-lanterns. On Friday, October 29th we gathered in the playroom spacing out the classes to have our annual Halloween parade.  Due to the rain, we had to stay inside, but this wet weather did not put a damper on our fun! Ms. Kris and Ms. Karen co-hosted the celebration and lead the children in songs and dances.  One class at a time paraded across the stage to show off their beautiful Halloween costumes. We had many superheroes, witches, dinosaurs, various animals and insects to name a few. The children looked so precious!  

     Ms. Karen has already set up an ofrenda in the Villa’s playroom. She has been bringing her Spanish classes down to this special display where she teaches them the Mexican tradition of Día de los Muertos – The Day of the Dead. Ms Karen does an excellent job explaining the celebrations of All Saints and All Souls Day from the Mexican perspective. 

     The Villa families were asked to share names of their deceased loved ones. These names will be placed in a book of remembrance first on the ofrenda and then for the First Friday Prayer Service it will be placed near the altar of the school’s chapel for the rest of the month of November.  

     Sr. Christine’s Pre-K 2 class are preparing a prayer service in honor of All the Saints. The little four year olds are dressing up in simple costumes to look like a particular saint they have chosen.  The saints will “come marching in” and remind all of us that God wants everyone to be a saint! We are gathering the school for this prayer time on Friday, November 5th.   

     The staff at Sacred Heart Villa really value teaching the children these traditions.  We hope these will form good lasting impressions and fond memories for these children.