Another Graduation from SHV

Posted on May 22, 2022 in: General News

Another Graduation from SHV

This week we will be celebrating another Kindergarten class graduating from Sacred Heart Villa.  Fourteen students will be honored this week as they prepare to leave The Villa for new schools.  On Monday, May 23rd the class will be treated for lunch at Favazza’s.  The Favazza family has been giving this luncheon to each Kindergarten class ever since their children graduated from SHV several decades ago. The children have been working on their table manners and restaurant etiquette to prepare for this event. The children get dressed up for the occasion which makes it seem even more special.


On Thursday evening, May 26th our fourteen graduates will receive their diplomas on the stage at The Villa.  Before the actual graduation, the class will perform some of their favorite songs from the year.  This time-honored tradition is over 80 years old. It attests to the legacy of the superior education received at Sacred Heart Villa. Of the fourteen children:  nine will attend a Catholic school, four will attend a public school and one child is attending a private school. We hope they all carry with them the love of the Sacred Heart of Jesus for each person. 

Friday, May 27th is our last day of the regular school session.  To celebrate this occasion, the school will gather for a prayer service in the morning to pray in gratitude for all of God’s blessings and in a special way to pray for those children and staff who will be moving on over the summer.  In the afternoon, an ice cream truck sponsored by one of our parents will come by school so the children can enjoy a cool treat from 2:00-3:00pm!    

Our summer session begins May 31st and ends July 22nd.  We have more tales to share from our fun summer activities.