Honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Posted on June 20, 2022 in: General News

Honoring the Sacred Heart of Jesus

At Sacred Heart Villa, we perform many practices which are tied to devotion of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. The religious congregation of Sisters, The Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, that founded and ministers here are devoted to the Heart of Jesus. The Sisters and lay staff encourage the children to cultivate their friendship with Jesus. All the students learn to pray to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and we end our prayers with these words: “Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place my trust in you. Sacred Heart of Jesus, I believe in your love for me.” We teach the children what these words mean. To trust and to believe in God’s love revealed in Jesus is the essence of this devotion that should not be taken for granted.  

On First Fridays of each month, the school gathers in the playroom for a prayer service to reflect on God’s love. The kindergarten class celebrates Mass in the school chapel from October to May to remember Jesus’ ultimate sacrifice of dying and giving himself for the salvation of all people. Each year when the Catholic Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the children have a prayer service to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This year we celebrate it on Friday, June 24th.  

We hope these practices, which honor Jesus’s love, will help these youngsters encounter the love God has for everyone. In response to His unconditional love, we are challenged to love God in return. We love by sharing His Love with others so they too can encounter His love. We are all called to live a life with arms outstretched like Christ, beckoning, encouraging, and inviting those we encounter to share in Christ’s love.  

You are called to live a life with love for all, a life that says, "You are welcome.” This Friday, let us join in a song that the children sing: “Be the hands, the Heart of God. Go into the world and share God’s spirit: spread the message, be the song, save a little bit and pass it on.” Let us LIVE this song in a world that thirsts for His Love and desperately needs it! 

The Sisters have a program for Catholic families who wish to consecrate themselves to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and deepen their devotion to His love in their lives.  Great Families of the Sacred Heart (GFASC) meets on the first Friday of the month for a time of prayer.  Parents gather to reflect on scripture and share faith experiences. The children gather in a separate space for age-appropriate lessons about the Sacred Heart given by the Sisters. If you would like to learn more about GFASC, view the link. If you are interested in joining the group that meets at Sacred Heart Villa, contact Sr. Bridget: bsmith@ sacredheartvilla.org .