Giving a Little Bit of Help to The Little Bit Foundation

Posted on August 26, 2022 in: General News

Giving a Little Bit of Help to The Little Bit Foundation

Sacred Heart Villa is teaming up with The St. Ambrose Society’s Refresh & Renew group from St. Ambrose Parish to help The Little Bit Foundation in Brentwood.  The foundation serves 14,000 students in the St. Louis Metropolitan area in 48 different schools with the purpose to help remove barriers to learning while building up students’ confidence, dignity and other qualities that lead to success. During the devastating historic floods at the end of July, The Little Bit Foundation suffered the total loss of their school supplies and clothing donations when it was flooded twice!

Sacred Heart Villa and St. Ambrose Parish are partnering to help The Little Bit Foundation regain some of their inventory.  Specifically, we are looking for these much-needed items:

Colored pencils (10 – 12 ct. pack)

Crayons (8 – 24 ct.)


Body Wash

Small bottles of hand sanitizer

Boys’ underwear (XS, S)

Girls’ underwear (S, XL)

Stuffed animals (new, under 12” size)

Donations can be placed in labeled boxes on the playroom at The Villa the week of September 6th.  We hope this initiative will not only help the Little Bit Foundation to regain a portion of their $1 million loss but will provide an opportunity for parents to model for their little ones the importance of helping those in need.  The Villa has brought in an amazing amount of donations in the past for various charities. We know we can count on our families and friends to help with this cause, too.